The Making of the Book

Be You Be Sure is the blog for a book that will chronicle how the Millennial generation is coming of age in the U.S. today. Your 20s are incredibly miserable. This well-known fact, confirmed by our parents, has only been exacerbated by 2008’s economic collapse. Due to a variety of factors (many of which are noted right here on this site), we have found a huge chunk of our peers – regardless of profession, socioeconomic background, gender, and race – are all experiencing what psychologists like to call an IDENTITY CRISIS.

Who are we? Why are we here? What should we do? What should we not do? What the hell is going on?! 

We at Be You Be Sure decided a year ago to go ahead and eat our identity crisis for breakfast. Come July, we’re touring the country in a 1970s Dodge Travco to interview people for a book, based on this blog, filled with stories that will bring this social phenomenon to life.

To nominate yourself or someone you know for an interview, fill out the form below. Our two requests are that the person nominated is between the ages of 18-30, and that they are willing to open up and speak candidly about the craziness of their young adult world. In return we promise to take every precaution to portray our subjects’ lives with both accuracy and courtesy.

Until then, Be You Be Sure y’all.

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