Our Crew

Alison Lea Sher [CO-FOUNDER, EDITOR] alison bio picsmall– Ms. Sher is an entrepreneurial journalist, whose passion for the first amendment, fascination with storytelling, and loud-mouth nature in general led her to co-found this site. Her nickname is Bee. Having worked in diamond sales, as a line cook, a bar/bat mitzvah dancer, and an alt weekly delivery driver (among many other side jobs, always simultaneously) to support her writing career, she is a versatile and nutty young woman, who deeply resonates with the plight of her age group. To read more of her work, visit BeeSher.com, Marmalade Magazine, and Fiction That’s Not.

Alexa Rosenthal [CO-FOUNDER, ART DIRECTOR, RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT] – alexa bio picsmallAlexa is a graphic designer educated at 3rd Ward. She studied psychology in College, and has spent her years since working at wellness centers around the world to learn about integrative approaches to mental health care. Recently, Alexa moved from Costa Rica to NYC to co-produce the independent theater piece Off the Muff. She is passionate about human connection, creativity, the empowerment of women, and pushing social boundaries.

James Gangemi [STREET TEAM LIAISON] james biopicsmall – James may be fresh out of undergraduate at Temple University with a degree in Business Management, but his soul is 2,784 years old. James has the keen ability to communicate with just about anyone. He views the world through a unique lens that blends logic with passion and love.  He works to rid the world of cigarettes as a Regional Sales Manager at Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette, while providing marketing communications and connections for Be You Be Sure.

Katy Blanton [ORGANIC MARKETING & COMMUNITY OUTREACH DIRECTOR] –  katy bio picKaty is currently on a self-proclaimed sabbatical from studying sociology at the College of Charleston. She values self education over formal education. As our social media (sometimes more and sometimes less) enthusiast, Katy provides all the inspiring content found on Be You Be Sure’s Facebook and Instagram pages. She calls her mode of marketing organic because of the unconventional and interactive way she connects strangers to our cause, offering an experience of what it means to be you and be sure.

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