Be You Be Sure is a creative writing outlet for Millennials.

If you have a searching personality type, a problem with authority, a history of trauma, and progressive social views than this is probably a very good website for you. Perhaps your post-modern liberal arts education has turned you into an absurdist. Cool. Us too.

Be You Be Sure spills opinions, interviews, first person narratives, advice from older people, and cold facts to help you understand our generation and what is going on around you.

Researchers like our hero Jeffrey Arnett have characterized the ages 18-29  as a time period of extreme instability and insecurity. People live with the feeling of being in-between (not fully cooked yet), swimming in a cesspool of limitless possibilities. During this decade, most 20-somethings embark on an intense quest of self-inquiry. We will hold an average of seven jobs, start and break countless relationships looking for our ideal partner. We will make the riskiest career decisions. Some of us will try to change the world, or pursue our childhood dreams. It’s a period when we must choose what our contribution will be.

We made this site to accompany you through this decision making journey, supplying you with laughter, reality checks, and a regular dose of positivity.

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