INTERVIEW 9 | Arlet Koseian | Small Business Owner


Age: 31

Ethnicity: Armenian (100 percent baby!!!)

Birth Place: Washington, D.C.

Lives In: Gaithersburg, MD

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Minor in Studio Art from the University of Maryland

Main Source of Income: Founder and Owner of Extend Yoga (New, Small Business = Eating Ramen Noodles)

Debt: New Small Business – Who Knows?! DEBT > ME

Insurance: I’m happy to have it, but I didn’t always.

Passions: Yoga, Helping People, Being Creative, Food, Friends, Fun

Favorite Pandora Station: At the gym, Drake or Ke$ha, in the studio, reggae or weird yoga music, in the car, whatever suits my mood, but let’s face it, mostly pop

How Gay Are You (on a scale from 1-10)? 6ish

Current Question: Is this going to work?

Past Jobs/Careers: Television Production for a Major Production Company in Philly, Production Management and Casting, Corporate Event Planning in DC and NYC

Biggest Social Concern: 1) Pollution/Global Warming/The World Is Ending – It should never be 70 and then 20 degrees in the same week like it was in February in D.C.

2)  Homosexuality – Who cares? Why can’t we marry who we want? 

3) Children/Youth – “Get off your iPad and play outside! Do you remember what kicking a ball was like?” 2013 kid: “What’s a ball?”

Greatest Goal: To open my own business by the age of the 30 … accomplished – boom! Future goal – to open another business by the age of 35, retire at 45


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