INTERVIEW 7 | John Chang | Investment Banker


Age: 25

Ethnicity: Taiwanese  

Birth Place: Taiwan, Republic of China

Lives In: Charlotte, NC

Education: Emory University, Bachelors of Business Administration, Finance & Accounting

“Ultimately, I wanted a career that allows me to take care of loved ones while affording a desirable lifestyle. Out of school, I wanted a job that would surround me with smart, motivated people to keep me sharp and motivated.”

Main Source of Income: Investment Banking (100K – 250K annually)

“I think the misconception most people have is they hear the words investment banker and think of a stockbroker in Boiler Room, or some trader you’d see in a newspaper headline for causing Americans to loose all this money making risky bets. I don’t think there’s anything to defend about working in the financial industry or the financial industry itself. The U.S. has the most transparent and efficiently regulated financial system in the world. The problem is with our value system. There are certain bad apples that use their knowledge to defraud people. If we don’t fix our value system that will always be there.”

Debt: None

Insurance: Full Health, Dental, Vision, Auto, Motorcycle, Rental

Passions: Family, Friends, Travel, Food, Philosophy, Education

“The industry I work in requires long hours. I’ve sacrificed time spent with friends, family, and hobbies. Yet, I have a new found appreciation for the time I do get to spend with them. Those moments have become precious.”

Favorite Pandora Station: None

Heroes: My parents for their strength and selflessness

Current Question: “What do I do next?”

Biggest Challenge: Balancing personal and professional goals with social obligations

name has been changed due to professional contracts


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