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Jerry-What Republicans Redraw Voting Districts AgainGerrymandering. It’s happening, right now, but do members of our generation even know what gerrymandering is?

“It’s a forbidden sexual act involving a fire-based Pokemon,” said one Millennial. Kidding, he was kidding. “Yeah, it’s redistricting to get more votes in your area.”

Another person surveyed defined gerrymandering as the “redrawing of district lines in certain districts to guarantee winning of said party.”

“I hear the Republicans are partaking in it…dishonest cocksuckers,” answered another.

“It’s a person who sells Jerrys,” “not particularly,” and “nope, sure don’t,” were some other responses.

Steven Colbert, TV’s brilliantly unpredictable political pundit, named Virginia state’s Republican senators the “Alpha Dog of the Week” on January 23. The southern state’s conservative Congress members took action to concentrate minority voters into a new Southside voting district. They also redrew six electoral districts, previously held by Democrats, to make them more Republican.

Yes, they gerrymandered.

Yet, these Republican representatives were able to accomplish this because they waited until Democrat Virginia senator and long-time civil rights leader, Henry Marsh, left town for Martin Luther King Jr. Day to attend the inauguration of President Obama. Virginia is divided 50/50 between liberal and conservative senate members. Because Marsh was absent on this national holiday, the vote to re-district to favor of Republicans passed.

What a crotch shot.

Both parties are guilty of gerrymandering. In 2010, conservatives garnered these seven states by redrawing district lines, skewing the share of House seats won in comparison to the popular vote.

and 2010, the Democrats gerrymandered two states.

Surveys conducted by the Center for American Progress have described Millennials as a “generation with progressive views in all areas.” We assume gender and racial equality. We are tolerant. Seventy one percent of us think the government should offer universal health care. In 2008, Millennials supported Obama, voting for him 66-32.

In 2020, 90 million Millennials will be eligible to vote, compared to the 48 million eligible in 2008. Yet, although we are the biggest generation in history, although we will have the power to dominate polls, the gerrymandering that happens today will affect the legislation passed up to 10 years down the road.  So, for whatever number of people it takes to win a Republican seat in the House in let’s say North Carolina, over three times the amount of votes will be required to earn a Democrat House member. Capish?The disparity between the popular vote and who has control over a state will be so great that despite our generation’s honest demand for progressive reform,  little to no bills are likely to get passed – at least not quickly.

“The two party system is the problem,” I’ve heard my peers explain. The complete apolitical disinterest present in our generation to pick a side in America’s notorious blue/red war is beyond understandable. The purpose of this article isn’t to promote some self-affirming liberal uprising. (I’m a registered independent.)  It is to let people know that the little democracy our government has been able to afford us is being jeopardized by representatives repackaging our votes for their own self-promotion – the men and ladies who sell the Jerrys!

Our democracy is being threatened by politicians who will do whatever it takes to make sure their self-interest (and self-interest of rich, old white men everywhere) overpowers the concerns of the majority of citizens in this country. Shove all the poor people, all the minorities, into this corner to diminish their voice. Take some liberals and scatter them to the right of this line and some to left to dilute the strength of their voting presence.

Gerrymandering is widely regarded as an unethical tactic. It is being administered RIGHT NOW to prevent the US from becoming the kind of country statistics show our generation actually wants – and because this happening, right now, it’s something you should know.

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  1. Lauren S

    Republicans are starting to come around on immigration reform because they realize they need the Hispanic vote. I wonder when they will realize they need the millennial vote too?

  2. it saddens me that we are falling into a downward spiral with our government. i believe that we need a new reform that is for the people by the people like it was a little more than 200 years ago, we as a country has grown to the point that our trial government is starting to fall to the hands of the wealthy more and more each year, this country was founded for the people that didn’t agree with their home country, didn’t agree with the taxes that were put upon them, and didn’t agree with how they were treated as peasants or non-believers, or petty criminals because they didn’t have land, or money, or anything to show a noble that they were justified to exist. Our government worked great for a long run, but i think our country needs to look at what’s happening and we need to gather and do something about problems like this before it’s too late. or at least as much as we can, if we don’t our government will fail and fall and we will either be stuck in a government with no freedoms that we can’t stand, or anarchy will purge us all and we will become a country that everyone frowns upon, and could eventually become 3rd worlded.

  3. Marthy J Cannary

    I have so many things I want to say, but I am getting really worked up thinking about it. I deleted what I wrote three times. Its all so petty. I really wish politics were more of honest debates instead of hissy fits and slap fights. Can you imagine how much more people would participate if they all made good points and won by fair play?
    Hahaha, I fell into an alternate deminsion for a second there.
    Man, this world would be a great place. No wonder most of the population is uninformed and full of crazy ideas, picking the one that doesn’t take their guns away or kill babies. If our leaders played the game instead of playing the system, maybe the people would be just a little bit better. If we could just make it so the president and other political figures were people to look up to. I sure don’t envy them.
    *huff* okay. I’m gonna make some tea and calm the frick down.

  4. The founding fathers would role over in their graves if they knew how we had skewed their words and policies today. The way policies like this and the electoral system as a whole were developed made a lot of sense but today makes very little. While all this movement that is being done to show the true voice of the people what it is really showing is the voice of the very few who are actually in charge. It disgusting!

  5. I am absolutely shocked and appalled. I knew the government was bad but not this bad. Waiting till the senator was on vacation in order to follow through with their plans? There has to be something illegal about this. I know its been going on for longer than Ive ever known but cant there be a stop put to this? Draw out the sections and keep them that way. WHats so hard about that? Theyre all just playing the terrible game of politics and everyone is losing. Good luck America.

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