INTERVIEW 6 | Jamie | Assistant To a Fashion CEO

jamie interviewAge
: 25

Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee

Lives in:  New York, NY

Education: B.A. in Marketing, The Pennsylvania State University

Main source of income: Executive Assistant to the CEO of a $5 billion fashion company (The pay is, well, high)

Debt: $10,000 (Student Loans)  

Political Orientation: None

How gay are you? (on a scale from 1-10): 2

Favorite Pandora Station: The Shins

Do you have health insurance?: Yes – provided by my employer

Greatest Accomplishment: Moving to New York City and landing a job I’m proud of

“I knew I had to move here before I died.”

Did college prepare you for this job?: No, not really

“My current job comes down to organization and responsibility, skills I’ve learned from experience.”

Passions: Dancing (Organized and Socially), Fitness, Healthy Living  

Biggest Struggle: Finding My Purpose

“I want to have a job that utilizes my greatest skills as I continue to learn.”

Goal at the End of Your Road: To spend time with the people I love most

“I want to be around my best friends, family, and life partner. All I really want is a life filled of love and happiness.”

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