INTERVIEW 5 | Cyndra | Seasonal Worker

cyndra bybs

Age: 25


Birth Place: Glendale, AZ


Lives in:  Humboldt County, CA


Education: High school, One Year of Massage Therapy Vocational School


Sources of Income:


Separation pay from the military ($700)

Raft guiding (Daily Income $30-$60)

Trimming weed ($10,000 in four months)



I was broke at the end of the rafting season. I lived in a tent and couldn’t document my rent. I’m too transient to qualify for EBT. I needed to pay back my loans so I choose to trim weed.”     



Debt: Graduated from vocational school with $25,000 in debt. Recently paid off half of this, seven years later, after a season of trimming. 


“Trimming weed bought my freedom. I‘m not stuck anywhere now because of student loan bills.”



Political Orientation: None



“The structure of the US government is a big show. It’s all lies.”



Health Insurance: None



“That shit’s expensive! Seriously.”



Passions: Travel, Nature, and Hiking



“My parents struggle to pay bills every month. My sister’s been homeless for eight years. I feel selfish I want to pursue nature, but in the woods, the world feels less chaotic. I’m at peace.”      


Current Question: How can I better love the people around me?


Biggest Struggle: Finding a direction


The Goal at The End of Your Road: A simple life

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  1. Courtney

    hells yeah. wish i’d never gotten caught up in the scam that is the education system..but i’m with ya girl..hook me up with a job 🙂 jk..i’m currently fleeing my loans in mexico! viva mexico!

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